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Adrian Trujillo

Adrian Bernabe Trujillo, AKA "Infamous AD," AKA "Infa," AKA "Suomafni Da," has been all about bars and beats from a young age. As the Doctor Dre of a crew in high school known as UTT, Adrian dropped some of the hottest beats to come out of Santa Clarita valley. After graduating from Berklee College of Music, he went on to become a decorated producer and engineer, including two Latin Grammy nominations. His passion for music is matched by his passion in good food and drink.

Shanley Wang

Shanley Y. Wang is as quick to lay down dope keys on a soulful beat as he is to place a (losing) bet on the Rotten Tomatoes score of two terrible movies. As a producer and composer, his work has been featured by America's favorite rapper, MC Jin. As a funk and jazz musician, he has played basketball against Wynton Marsalis. As a businessman (and a business, man), he is currently creating new platforms for media and entertainment. You can find him in Los Angeles, California, looking for the most efficient route to an In-N-Out or working on art, writing stories, and expanding his ventures.